15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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The White Boards

In nearly every episode of The Big Bang Theory, you’ll see a whiteboard. Naturally, we don’t question the validity of the math on the board nor do we think of its presence as weird or odd – given the content of the TV show.


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But surprisingly, the infamous white boards you see on the show aren’t merely a prop to be used.

The whiteboards belong to actual scientists who are dying to get their work featured on the show. These scientists hope to the high heavens that their work will be featured on the show, because it gives their career a huge boost and also introduces their math into a more mainstream domain!

And given the popularity of the show, it’s no surprise that those who do make it onto the show get to reap major rewards for their brainy work! Well ain’t that something?

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