15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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Soft Kitty

We’ve all come to love the infamous song, Soft Kitty, that Sheldon demands someone sings to him when he is sick. And you may have thought that the writers created the little tune specifically for the show…


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But in actuality, the producer, Bill Prady, said that he had heard the song being sung at his daughter’s preschool recital. As he listened intently, he decided that it was a loveable little song that was weird enough to have on the show.

The teacher responsible heard the tune in Australia and decided that it was too cute not to incorporate into her class. Can you imagine a group of kiddies singing this amazingly adorable song?

I guess we all have Australia (and a preschool teacher) to thank for all of the joy that Soft Kitty brings! Admittedly, it is our favourite part of the show!

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