15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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Amy aka Mayim Bialik

With all of the intense and specific math and science jargon that’s thrown around on-set, you would think that the writers would have to be excellent scientists. In actuality, it’s not the writers that are mathematically gifted…


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It just so happens that Amy aka Mayim Bialik holds a PH.D in neuroscience which she obtained from UCLA. This jack-of-all-trades took a break from acting after staring in the TV show, Blossom, and went back to school to further her education.

Upon completion however, she decided to go back to the life of stardom and began acting once again, making her name known as the odd and quirky, Amy.

Will she ever return to the life of the mad scientist? Who knows! All we know, is that we hope she graces our TV screens for seasons and seasons to come, because she’s a whole barrel of laughs and oh-so-entertaining!

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